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In the earlier years of the SEO industry, alt-texts were considered crucial to getting your website on the first page of Google search results. This is no longer the case, since most people have decided that adding keywords to your image’s alt-text does not impact your rankings. But they’re still important to SEO indirectly.

First of all, what is an alt-text?

An alt-text is the text that you add to an image that will display when you hover your mouse over the image. Alt-texts are also important for ADA compliance, since it is the alt-tag that is read by screen readers. Screen readers are the way people who are visually impaired or blind browse the internet. When there is an image on the page, the screen reader will convert the alt-text to speech so that the user can get a sense of what your image is about.

What Effect Does Alt Text Have on SEO?

We’ve already mentioned how crucial it is to set alt text for photos for SEO and how it contributes significantly to search engine rankings. Alt tags give context for what an image displays, informing search engine crawlers and helping them to correctly index an image. Not only do alt tags assist search engine crawlers, but failing to include alt tags for your photos might have a negative impact on the ranking of your web pages.

Alt text is particularly significant when browsers are unable to render a page properly, which means the images are not displayed on the web page. Instead of images, the website will return alt attributes that describe what image should be displayed. If no alt attributes are set, the user will have no notion what picture was intended to display, resulting in a substantially inferior user experience.

The primary goal of alt text is to promote accessibility by expressing what an image is showing to visitors who are unable to view it. However, it also aids search engine crawlers, improving SEO. Failure to set alt attributes for images makes your website difficult to decipher for screen readers and browsers, reducing the user experience for anyone who is visually impaired. Make sure that all of your website’s photos include meaningful alt text so that both visitors and search engines can access them.

Since an alt-text is used in this way, leaving it out will impact the user experience on your page for those who are visually impaired. Impacting user experience is a bad thing in SEO, since Google is trying its hardest to predict user behavior.

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