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Perhaps your business coach told you that your growing company is ready for a marketing agency to bring you more leads for you to convert into satisfied customers. Whatever the reason for bringing a marketing agency on board, there are a few criteria to consider when picking the right one for your business.

  1. Experience and Expertise – Working with a marketing agency that has experience in digital and print ads and branding is almost a requirement in our current marketplace. Look for a company that hired experts to complete the job instead of interns. Ask for examples of their work or check them out on their website.
  2. Goals for Your Business – A great marketing agency will take the time to learn what goals you have for your business before diving in to create materials or content.
  3. Resources and Tools – A proactive marketing agency takes the time to educate their clients as to what tools they will use to measure success (the number of leads you receive from their efforts). Closing the leads is up to your own skills.

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