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If you’re trying to start a digital marketing campaign, you need to know these basics of digital marketing strategy.

  1. Have a Goal – Every marketing campaign should have a SMART goal. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based.
  2. Map Your Customer Journey – Find out where you want to reach your customers, and then think of the journey that your customer will take before completing the action you want them to take. If it’s a Facebook ad that leads them to a page to subscribe to your email newsletter, for example, make sure you know exactly how your customer gets from each point to the next.
  3. Measure Everything – Get tracking codes to measure all your customer behavior with your ad, your website, and more.
  4. Make Adjustments – All your campaigns are adjustable! Make changes as soon as you feel like something isn’t working.
  5. Analyze Your Results – Once the time limit from your SMART goal has passed, check the results that you got out of your campaign. Did you meet your goal? If not, check your numbers to see where things went wrong.

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