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SEO and direct mail accomplish similar goals, but stem from different strategies. Direct mailers are loosely reliant on the law of averages (LOAs). LOAs relies on enough people being contacted to justify the mailer campaign. SEO implements a strategy focused on the long term.

What makes SEO different?

SEO targets users already looking for the service, rather than a mailer sent to 10,000+ homes/businesses. This is done through targeting particular keywords, which generates high return on investment for each lead. These strategies rely heavily on rankings, which is why ranking well on Google is the foundation of SEO improvement and sustainment when managed correctly.

Targeting organic searches builds credibility of the business online, which results in higher ranking for the correct services, gaining valuable leads.

Which industries should invest in SEO?

Virtually every business should invest in SEO. Granted, the results will vary depending on the industry, but there is a place for SEO in every industry. This is determined by how your industry is searched for. Service-based industries generally do very well, and product based industries take a bit longer to see results.

In either case, starting SEO pays dividends in the long run. Schedule a consultation today to see if SEO fits your budget, and how we can help your business get organic leads in the door.