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Site indexing is a practice that Google crawlers go through the find websites, learn information about your business, and rank you for your service. If you are not being found or your business is not being indexed, there are likely a fair few issues with the site. Here are some tips to get you found more easily and acquire new business.

Do I have service pages?

If you are working in a service based industry, your website must have service pages to rank well. Without those pages, you are going to see lower conversions. Additionally, content needs to be produced on your end consistently. Put simply, content is king. Without it, your website’s pages won’t be crawled and found for new information. Fortunately, pages that aren’t being found can easily be found again when properly optimized.

Getting my website optimized for indexing

This can be an easy fix on your end if you have the time. First, ensure all your information is consistent across the board. This includes socials, the website, Google My Business, etc. Same phone numbers, addresses, everything must be working cohesively to rank you well. Then, you can focus more on the content. Start by pushing out more blogs and videos. Can’t do custom content? Luckily, we have a solution.

Overall, we’d love to get started on giving your website a better chance at ranking. Give us a call today to learn more!